Abbi M.



MAJOR: Animal Science

HOMETOWN: New London, MN

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE AN EXECUTIVE POSITION? I took an exec. position in hopes to be able to give back to our chapter and grow as an individual. Being on the exec. team is a large responsibility and I couldn't be more excited to serve with this wonderful group of ladies.

HOW ARE YOU INVOLVED ON CAMPUS AND IN LDPhi? I am currently the PHC Representative within LDPhi and also am on the PR board. On campus I am the Vice-President for Block and Bridle and work in the Agronomy Seedhouse.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE FOLLOWING COLLEGE? After college I want to work in some field of the agriculture industry. I want to give back to the industry that's made me into the person I am today and to work with some of the strongest minded people on the planet.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LDPhi MEMORY? My favorite LDPhi memory is all of the late night phone calls to go get Culvers or to watch the bachelor.