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Lauren Cogley

LDPFall2023-5346 - Lauren Cogley.jpg

MAJOR: Plant Science
HOMETOWN: Sioux Falls, SD


WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE AN EXECUTIVE POSITION? I decided to take an executive position to become more engaged in our chapter and learn about what it takes to be in a leadership role of an organization. One of the main reasons why I decided to join LDPhi is that we are an academic sorority which aligns with the importance that I place on my own academics. That is why the Scholastics position is where I believe I can best help the chapter succeed. 

HOW ARE YOU INVOLVED ON CAMPUS AND IN LDPhi? Aside from being Scholastics Chair, I am currently on the formal and scholarship committees. I have served on a couple other committees including sustainability and formal set up. On campus, I am involved in Sustainable Plant Systems Club.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE FOLLOWING COLLEGE? After college, I aim to attend graduate school to further study horticulture. Beyond that, my career goals are to work in horticultural production or conservation. I hope to educate about the importance of conserving native species, promoting biodiversity, and engaging with plants in general.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LDPhi MEMORY? My favorite LDPhi memory is MN Royal 2023. I got to have so many new and interesting experiences that I would have never otherwise had, and seeing the St. Paul community come together was really fun!

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