Laura D.

picture - Laura Davis.jpg

MAJOR: Animal Science


WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE AN EXECUTIVE POSITION? Through LDPhi, I have learned many valuable skills and met so many great individuals. I have grown through various positions within LDPhi and I want to continue to grow by being a part of the executive team. I took an executive position in LDPhi because I wanted an opportunity to immerse myself more within the sorority as well as be a leader for current and future members.

HOW ARE YOU INVOLVED ON CAMPUS AND IN LDPhi? On campus, I am a member of the Gopher Dairy Club, Block and Bridle Club and CFANS Research Apprenticeship Program. In Lambda Delta Phi, I have been on the philanthropy committee, recruitment committee and scholastics committee. I am currently serving as our chapter's Scholastics chair.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE FOLLOWING COLLEGE? After college, I am interested in working with animals or pursuing something within the agribusiness industry.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LDPhi MEMORY? My favorite memory of LDPhi was our flag football game against the other sorority on campus. It was so much fun since we had practice multiple times a week for a couple months before the game. The practices were great for bonding with my sisters and our hard work paid off in the end. It was a fun experience!