Kaiya N.


MAJOR: Agricultural Education

HOMETOWN: Greenbush, MN

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE AN EXECUTIVE POSITION? I wanted to make a difference in the house and continue on the traditions that I learned when I was joining!

HOW ARE YOU INVOLVED ON CAMPUS AND IN LDPhi? I am involved in the AECM and Gopher Dairy Clubs on campus! In LDPhi I have held positions such as Food Manger, House Manager, Date Night Co-Chair, and Assistant 2nd VP.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE FOLLOWING COLLEGE? After college I plan to either teach agriculture in a rural high school or work in Minnesota Extension with the 4-H program.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LDPhi MEMORY? My favorite LDPhi memory is moving into the Seminary with the rest of the ladies my first semester as an active member and all crazy and fun times we had living there!