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Welcome to Lambda Delta Phi’s website! I am Megan Ratka, a junior majoring in Animal Science.

Growing up in rural Minnesota, I was surrounded by the agricultural industry. I found my passion in helping animals and decided to pursue a degree in Animal Science. Looking toward the future, I would love to further my education by attending veterinary school and receiving a DVM degree. I would love to work in a large and small animal clinic to get the experience and knowledge that would be required to open my own practice.

I fell in love with the University of Minnesota when I toured and walked around the St. Paul campus. As an incoming freshman, I never thought I would have joined a sorority, but meeting the lovely ladies of Lambda Delta Phi opened my eyes to a welcoming community. The girls that were in the chapter and those I joined in the Fall of 2020 opened their hearts and the house's blue front door to welcome me while starting this new chapter of my life. These girls have shown me constant support throughout my time at Lambda Delta Phi with classes, on campus, and in my personal life. 

As members of Lambda Delta Phi, we are focused on having a strong sisterhood, achievement in our academics, and growth in our personal development. We do this by holding each other accountable for all shared and personal goals. As Lambda Delta Phi President, I am focused on promoting collaboration, open communication, and unity within our sisterhood to strengthen the trust and bonds we have with each other. Our motto, “living democracy through friendship”, is an excellent representation of how our sisterhood works. Everyone contributes their own unique experiences, knowledge, and time to the larger collective that is our sisterhood through involvement in our sorority, on campus, and within classes. 


If you are interested in connecting, feel free to reach out by emailing me at


Lambda Love,

Megan Ratka

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