Welcome to the website of Lambda Delta Phi Sorority! I’m Karli and am a sophomore majoring in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Communication & Marketing with a minor in Animal Science. 

    One year before I graduated high school, I boarded at the Lambda Delta Phi Sorority house when I worked at the state fair. It was a brand new house and the girls were so welcoming. Needless to say, I enjoyed my time at my house that week. When I graduated and decided to attend the University of Minnesota, it was an easy choice to join LDPhi as I knew that it encompassed so many amazing women and development opportunities, both personal and professional.

     After being a member of LDPhi for a full year now, I understand that it is more than just a sorority. It's a place where you are challenged to grow, where everyone has a place, and most importantly, where sisterhood and a home is found. Every member has such a passion to accomplish their goals, no matter how different they are from others goals. It’s almost impossible not to thrive in LDPhi due to the diversity of members' passions. 

    One of my favorite parts about LDPhi is the opportunities for leadership that each member is offered. Every semester, girls get placed on one or multiple committees where they are in charge of everything pertaining to that event or project. This also encourages girls to step out of their comfort zone and try something new as they never know when they could be placed on a new committee. One interest that was sparked in me from these committees was in communications. I was placed on the Public Relations Committee, then was moved up to the Public Relations Chair the following Semester. After realizing my interest in this, I decided to pursue my second major and also took an internship as a Communications Coordinator. 

    In LDPhi, we don’t all have the same background, interests, or major, but we all have the same common goal of bettering ourselves through education, experiences, and our sisterhood. We are constantly helping each other while providing equal opportunities, encouraging unity and integrity, and striving for cultural and intellectual growth. With that, I hope you have learned more about Lambda Delta Phi Sorority and I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions. I would love to meet you but if I don’t, I hope you continue to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone because you never know when you might find a sisterhood that supports you every day and is a home away from home, just like what I found at Lambda Delta Phi.

Lambda Love,