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Welcome to Lambda Delta Phi Sorority’s website! I’m Lindsey and I’m a senior studying Agricultural and Food Business Management with a minor in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. 

Within the first few weeks of college of my freshman year, I ended up crossing paths with a few members of Lambda Delta Phi. At that time, I knew nothing about sororities and never pictured myself in one but I’ve always been a firm believer in keeping an open mind, especially when stepping outside my comfort zone. After attending the informal recruitment events and meeting more of the members who welcomed me with open arms, I realized that I found my home away from home, otherwise known as Lambda Delta Phi.

While growing up, I’ve always had a close relationship with my 3 sisters and have appreciated the support system that sisters can provide for one another. They say “sisters are a girl’s best friend” which I completely agree with, but sisters are also the people that help challenge you to grow in ways you wouldn’t imagine. I found this within Lambda Delta Phi which targeted both personal and professional growth.

After meeting and joining the ladies of Lambda Delta Phi in the fall semester of 2018, I began to challenge myself when I didn’t even realize it. I started doing many first things such as memorizing the Greek alphabet, dressing up every other Monday, participating in canoe battleship for a philanthropy event, learning dining etiquette, creating budget spreadsheets, planning a date night for 60 people, and the list continues. 

One of my favorite parts of LDPhi is there are so many leadership positions and events that are great opportunities to help you uncover your hidden talents and interests. You never know what committee you’re on or what event that you attend that you might just find another best friend, develop a new skill, or find your next favorite hobby. A few of my discovered interests are baking desserts, spontaneous ice cream and coffee trips, creating spreadsheets, and to help others grow.

In LDPhi, we don’t all have the same backgrounds, interests, or majors, but we all have the same common goal of bettering ourselves through education, experiences, and our sisterhood. We are constantly helping each other while providing equal opportunities, encouraging unity and integrity, and striving for cultural and intellectual growth. With that, I hope you have learned more about Lambda Delta Phi Sorority and I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions. I would love to meet you but if I don’t, I hope you continue to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone because you never know when you might find a sisterhood that supports you every day and is a home away from home, just like what I found at Lambda Delta Phi. 

Lambda Love, 

Lindsey B. 

Lambda Delta Phi President